ProLog basics

ProLog basics
19 Oct 2016

ProLog basics

Read our guidelines and tips to make sure you are using the ProLog to get the a safe an effective work out with your group. This post will cover the basic rules, commands and key positions of log training.

The primary objective in a ProLog workout is to achieve and maintain control of the log throughout exercises, routines and during transitions. There are five basic guidelines for using a ProLog for training:

  1. Where possible, log team members should be about the same height at the shoulders
  2. Log team members should be spaced evenly along the log
  3. Generally, for most ProLog exercises, team members will be spaced along the log in single file, however, when running with the log in either the long arm or shoulder carrying positions, log team members can be spaced evenly on alternate sides of the log allowing space for smooth transitions between team members.
  4. For good balance when committed to any standing exercise; the feet should be planted firmly, hips width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other.
  5. When not in motion, the log should be in close proximity with the body.

Whilst training with the ProLog, it is the instructor or leader’s responsibility to maintain safe control of the log and its users throughout the training session. The leader should give clear and concise orders to their teammates to prevent any mishandling or injuries and to maximize the effectiveness of the log training session. There are a few basic commands and key position that leaders can use to guide their teammates whilst using the ProLog.

“ADDRESS THE LOG”- The log team members spread evenly along the log; depending on the exercise, stand, flat foot squat, sit kneel, or lie in close proximity to the log.

“PREPARE TO LIFT”- Log team members take control of the log, encircling with either the over-under grasp, the end-log grasp or handle grasp.

“LIFT UP”- Log team members pull the log upwards in one continuous motion into the desired exercise ‘start position.’

“PREPARE TO LOWER”- Log team members take control of the log in close proximity to the body at waist height.

“LOWER”- Log team members, bending at the knees, lower their body with the log into the flat footed squat maintaining a neutral spine, head up, placing the log onto the ground under control.

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