Enhancing Fitness and Control

Bailing has been proven to enhance fitness and control for generations.
So we’ve brought it out of the fields and into the gym!

PWR Bale provides users with an opportunity to exercise multiple joints and develop controlled handling of weight across a variety of planes. The long rectangular shape and proportions of the PWR Bale, which are consistent across all weights, require a lifting technique that cannot be replicated in any other object.

This product is extremely versatile and can be used by members of all ages and abilities, indoors or outside, by individuals and teams alike. In addition to being excellent apparatus for lifting, PWR Bales can also be flipped over and used as a plyo box.


Power, technique, control and muscle endurance

Moving bales correctly requires power, technique, control and muscle endurance. Take a look at some of the exercises you can include as part of a functional fitness programme using PWR Bale.

bale carry
bale lift
bale push
bale toss

Technical Specifications

PWR Bale is available in the following weights:
15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg

Construction: PWR Bales are made with a durable outer cover and filled with diff erent density mixes of reconstituted foam to achieve the different weight options. A 10mm layer of closed cell LV foam is placed at the bottom of each bale giving the underside a firm stepping/jumping/landing surface.

  • Length: 910mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Height: 350mm

Each weight category shares the same dimensions allowing for easy storage and a consistent user experience.

Product Spec Image PWR Bale

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