Interview with Crankit CEO

Functional Training & 5 other essentials for PT's in 2017
22 Jan 2017

Functional Training & 5 other essentials for PT's in 2017

Owen Bowling is the founder and CEO of CrankIt Fitness, Australia’s leading functional training product and education company. With a background in both gymnastics, circus and elite level sports (both playing and coaching), Owen has a unique experience in human movement. He was also voted one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs under 30 years old in 2011, and is now expanding the Crankit brand across the globe.

The Fitness Network met with Owen to learn how how trainers can carve out a profitable niche in an increasingly competitive market whilst incorporating functional training into their programmes. Owen's top 5 tips are:

  1. Identify who your audience isn't
  2. Decide what you are actually selling
  3. Manage the transition
  4. Become an expert in assessment
  5. Incorporate functional training into your programme

Read the full article on the Fitness Network website 

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