D2F launches Tesseract

D2F launches Tesseract
03 Oct 2016

D2F launches Tesseract

D2F Fitness has created another dimension in functional training through the launch of its innovative new Tesseract range of functional training rigs and storage solutions. 

Tesseract Three Steps“Tesseract delivers open, flexible and safe functional training environments,” comments John Lofting, Sales Director at D2F Fitness. “Designed specifically to maximise the use of space through product design innovation, Tesseract removes complexity from the design process and allows us to create modular rigs to suit any health club’s needs.”

This unique approach to functional fitness aims to create dynamic spaces that consolidate functional training accessories into a single space which improves customer flow, reduces health and safety risks and de-clutters training space. “We believe that metal works should complement a functional training space, not define it,” says Lofting. With Tesseract's modular designs, clubs can customise rigs or storage that makes the most effective use of their functional training footprint.

The Tesseract range is designed in 3 simple steps. With various lengths and widths and 14 different fixed and removable attachments clubs can create a custom functional station with programming options for members of all abilities and fitness levels. Tesseract’s storage solutions have multiple shelving combinations that can create a space efficient storage solution for a wide variety of functional training accessories. Both rig and storage solutions can also be customised to a colour that suites the aesthetics of the health club.

The Tesseract range creates a non-intimidating, multi-functional and cost effective training environments that drive social engagement between members and facilitates group programming while maximising PT revenue and improving member retention rates. In a day and age where gym memberships retention is declining Tesseract is a sociable training solution that creates conversations between gym members and between staff and members. “An investment into Tesseract is an investment into maximising your space and programming options,” concludes Lofting.

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