Key Features

  • Excellent way to help members develop strength, balance, flexibility and joint stability
  • Strongest straps on the market made of industrial grade polyester and nylon webbing
  • Industry leading Suspension Trainer warranty
  • Modular design with multiple component parts increases the number of applications compared with other suspension training products
  • Portable system weighing less than 2kgs means you can run suspension training from multiple locations and increase programming and PT options
  • Easily adjust intensity and tailor programming to suit all fitness levels from beginners to elite athletes
  • Each set of straps includes two anchors, two adjustable straps, two handle/foot loops and six karabiners
  • Available in blue or pink

Why CrankIt?

The UK’s appetite for suspension training is still growing. With a variety of exercises to suit a range of fitness levels, the opportunities to increase member engagement and PT revenue are enormous.

Crankit offers the strongest and most versatile suspension training solution on the market. Backed by an industry leading warranty, users can perform over 60 more exercises using Crankit than they can with competitive products.

"Best suspension straps available! I prefer these much better than TRX, they last longer and I can do more with them" Crankit PT and user

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