Case Study: Places for People Camberley

Case Study: Places for People Camberley
10 Feb 2017

Case Study: Places for People Camberley

Places for People, Camberley wanted to transform an area of their existing gym into a space that would allow members to benefit from exercises that incorporate up-to-date functional movements including jumping, swinging and slamming.

P4P Camberley 2 300x200The main aim was to maximise the available space and create a clean and open area for members. Instead of placing a rig in the middle and losing valuable space, we designed a Tesseract rig that was installed in the corner and ensured that there was plenty of floor space underneath it. To enhance the feeling of open, clean space the rig was manufactured in white. 

A range of attachments on the rig, combined with the open space underneath mean the area is extremely flexible can be used for a variety of training programmes including HIIT or even kettlebell and suspension training. Leg extension plates designed for the rig allow two people to work out simultaneously around a single leg.

In addition to the rig the design included two storage units to keep a range of accessories tidy and away from the main exercise area when not in use.

Download the PDF version

Watch the timelapse video of the installation at Places for People Cambeley below. 

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